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In the fields is the shim sham man
Now we are in the bales
I got the holy screeches

The sun did pop down
And I snugged away in a burrow
Smelling of sweet hay

Here I is, not altogether
Together. I can eye a slit
Here he comes pobbling over

To see the kid maybe trapped
If I was cowboygirl
Shoot him dead

I scry him all my life
He is the loutish joddy
Under the bed.


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

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She left grapes bluing and blurring
Glaucous surfaces with the rose red juices
Coagulating in their limpid cells
Much as I kissed her, so she goes

Here is our oval dinner table
Repeating the shining blossoms
From the cherry tree beyond the window
The letter pressed beneath a bowl

A cup of emerald and silver lustre
That last she touched, I never clean
I saw her once on the esplanade
It was her cinnamon hair, I swear

My bed is a museum of shivering shades
At night she comes to me and sings a fado
Tenebrous as the hills beyond the city
Her chemise in my arms, her arms…

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

Painting by Veronica Aldous – Caribe

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O crosses


O crosses

The newel post swathed in coats, is skins
That long for human frames to walk them
Out of doors

Once I embraced it tenderly, I swear
I felt love from the linty folds
The  hard tree beneath

How many shucked skins we have
Always peeling off our parts
Hanging our hope up

On some inanimate man
Making a fetish of our dreams
The blue sky over the kissing gate!

And I still feel you in deep night
Strung inside me , singing

As the cold house shudders in contraction
The heat quite gone from its timbers.


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018


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Carol Ann Duffy in a tweed coat
Is talking to a load of drunks in a car
About love, beneath a pond
Glittering its sheen
The shape of a waterlily leaf

Your eyes, she says
The conditioned world shivers

Meanwhile Edward Scissorhands
Is playing at being Johnny Depp
He doesn’t believe in secrets
Maybe both are lies

Don’t speak, he hisses
But she carries on spitting oneliners

The greenlit dusk creates a booming sound
René is playing a bassoon
As cars skedaddle down the steep hill
Toward the Golden Gate Bridge
It’s a heist and Jimmy’s in the back
On scooby snacks

I wonder what lengths they will go to
To shut the lid of the blue box
Says Carol Ann
As she fires off a volley of metaphors
One of which tops a lonely sniper

His eyes slowly close
As moonlight spraypaints his punctured brow
Zooming into the realm of fractals.


Veronica Aldous  all rights reserved 2018

Photograph Veronica Aldous

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