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Wollstone Craft


Veronica’s poetry collections are all available on Amazon

Wollstone Craft

In the gloom,  furbelows puff stiffer than a peacock tail
My eyes take on a stoic gleam as the mirror sheens and shimmies
Up the brazen fireplace to the lambrequin enfolded windows…
I am stuffed as much as the pine martin in the bell jar
The doodads on the pianoforte flick their musty passementerie
Emboldened by the aspic air, the isinglass of eggs
I am button backed this evening, when I think of you
Fished up on an enchanted shore
Where mildew can never creep along your edges
Nor book mites eat your face
St John Ersthwhile Hughes-Fortinbrass
A lover invented in so much haste
Is just as good as books
and so
I gaze out upon the paralysed Park
A hyena in a petticoat, imbibing belladonna
And laudanum, sublingually, my dear.


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved


Veronica’s poetry collections are all available on Amazon

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How ink will help me understand



How ink will help me understand

So long to arrive, stamped FORGOTTEN
The pale blue vellum, the dark words
Each beautifully formed curlicue, a flourish
To assuage long spent terror, tears.

The messenger was a page
This was hidden in his things
He meant to post it, or he did
Look, here’s the doghead stamp, the imprint
Inside he says how much you meant
The unspent years.

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

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50 Years


P1220179 Look at a tree properly
Not even the whole conundrum, just one limb
Or the seed, even its body
Is only light streaks, immaterial
Just a green grey line hit by solar particles
Wood it may be, leaves, bark, tongue…
The best way is to forget all that
Remember, we are only peering
New born to shadow and shining
Christened and dying all at once
Just to see one thing
As it is
The eye burned by the ravening star.

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

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A little guillotine chops the film
A girl assembles the frames
Into a great pattern, a rose window
Beyond a cloister racked with old hats.
My piano is filled with music
It swallowed the endless toothache
Of love, my coat pockets belch
Scores, minims and crotchets
The sanguineous ink of you.
Soon the main event will commence
The screening of Some Moments  When You Were Happy
The orchestra tune up and everyone mutters
Such a concomitance of sound and image!
It is only a hollow warehouse in the rain
White without black is no story
The celluloid flaps endlessly.

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Balsam and Rue


Balsam and Rue

Aunt Chook’s got the plant called pop-bang
outside her window, she raffled a doll
I didn’t win so I cried although I was 18
(I was very ill from footprints on my head)
When she’s on holiday we feed James
The cat, he’s a Maine Coon
He also has a pet stuffed toy otter
He wraps his cat arms round it and sings

Please may I, please may I, please may I

Aunt Chook looks after elderly people
She is 90. I tickled the balsam
It went kerrpow and the seeds went high
I miss James and Aunt Chook
They were 40 years ago
What happened?
I guess they still live in this box
In my head; I am not letting worms
Get to it, or headscars.

Veronica Aldous 2018 all rights reserved
Painting of Coulsdon Common by Veronica

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In a huddled corner I long for cuckoo pint, marjoram
Lush swathes of grass to brush and burr my fur
I am not a lush kitten, but an old mistress
Once called Pip, called RonkaConka
Now nameless prisoner of aching bones.

None comes to rescue one-eye, having served
My useful days on laps, my paps hung with tinies
Little tumblers long gone, no longer mother but ratter
Perhaps? I offer that.

I am forest, I declare I know how to dig a beetle
Pull the skin off a mouse so it looks like liver
I once caught a bat; its shrieks unnerved
The cold teeth of night, the neighbour’s dog
Bayed for blood, I charmed him through a gate
Dragging kills past his jaws
My eyes a gorgeous weaponry of hate.

I am wormy and I dribble
but I am still half-lovely
I want to stretch upon a hot doorstep
Eat cold tinned lungs, exude the smell
Of stinky worn out shoes, beloved
For what I am,
always yours
A whiskered nemesis, fallen star and ever, poet.


veronica aldous all rights reserved 2018

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