The Black Earth of the Arawak.

lady of flowers


The Black Earth of the Arawak.

The sun broke the sky into three pointed stones.
Eye stones, keep stones, earth stars, voices
Tall girls were washing the string from juicy leaves
To weave into baskets to crush the toxic sap
From a giant root.

We may be eaten by men or dogs he told them
The water glittered, and a pinkfaced monkey chattered

He traded for some iron to cut the Spaniards
The way they cut  up the womenfolk, only worse
If there was a worse way, he would find it…

They were the wrong people, they were just a  family
Eating their bread and praying  to a paper saint
Before they were felled beneath the tools.

A double rainbow spilled over the spent volcano
The two-note bird shrilled in the wet undergrowth.

Now we are as the Caribs
He said
Except we did not eat them


Veronica Aldous

all rights reserved 2018

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Once was
under the hedge
Once was flowering
Once was the white blacks
Of the avocets once was
Once was queen, queenly
He said
Deposed, he said

Never ever listen,
She said
Walking on one leg-
Although, do listen
To the frogs down the lane,
The efflorescence of the chestnuts
Dropping pink chips of dog-dust
On lovers’ heads
Oh how I missed you
Undoing feeling
Better off forest gone

Need will keep needling
Till then weave hawthorn
Croon, crowning
The self.


Drawing  ‘Ostara’ by Veronica Aldous

poem and art all rights reserved 2018

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Alice and Pi

wave paiting

Alice and Pi

Pleasure is not formatted
It is clouds inside a builder’s van
Not inside but magically inserted
Via the ordinary glass

Holst plays a  symphonic broadcast
To Venus, he is gone now
But he can still compose
Listen, he says –
Everything has a voice

I transmit acres of nebulae
Chesil beach is the wet sea
In my blood, tidally grading the stones
Smaller to large, as always

I am worn away, but saturated
As the horse drinking
From the deep sweet stream
All of it changes, is unchanging

Stranger, what are you?
I feel you streamed
Into me; you answer my questions

That is truly astonishing
Look into me again

I transform under your gaze.


Veronica Aldous 2018 all rights reserved

Painting by Veronica Aldous- copyright

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My father’s gun

imperfect face

My father’s gun

I went out and the snow lay like a sheath
Dumbing the soil and the houses
I wondered who would hurt another
And the woods cried life would hurt another
Again and again the sharp bifurcations
Of the black trees and the black earth
Lacerated the whiteness

I understood nothing as usual
But went indoors and wore my fox face
All day I spat out the pain
Of thorns and worms and people.


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

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Cream of Antimacassar (Ninah)


Cream of Antimacassar (Ninah)

When you come to me with your garden shed problems
The railway line tracks, and the fact you are marrying
A woman who is not me, (yet we will still meet
After the honeymoon in Barbados)

I know
This is one of those dreams.

Whiteskin, whatever were your eyes like?
I hardly remember, yet you have the temerity
Of visitation, as if you had a right
To speak to my 18 year old self and make me spout
Tears of anger and jealousy

Which  feel delicious as fat apples
To my ungrasped breasts
And  my unkissed mouth

Tomorrow I will make the  day into soup
And stir it till you disappear.

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018



Photograph of roses on rose dyed silk

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My Etsy Shop Update

Veronica Aldous Arts

etsy banner 234

I have some paintings and poetic jewels on sale at my Etsy shop with a  10% discount  for the new shop opening!
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Veronica’s Shop


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10 o’clock Paralysis



10’clock Paralysis

The tin dog barking his guts out
The three notes like a cracked gong
She can feel him bashing along
The corridor, his tail striking the dado
In miserable happiness
He has been heard by a woman
With no key, no heart to get up
Go out, feel the sun striking the retina
The fat mud extruding as glorious wormcasts
His ministry is one of just sitting it out
Till something changes
Which it always will-

And now he has commenced howling
To prove this very fact.


Veronica Aldous 2018 all rights reserved

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