Free Watercolour tutorial- Moody Boats


Moody Boats Tutorial  in Winsor and Newton colours.P1180220.JPG


You will need: Paintbrushes, round size 7-9, a flat wide brush, white gesso for watercolour if required. A knife.
Colours include; indigo, Cobalt Turquoise light, Cadmium red, Quinacridone gold.

White gouache.

Pen and ink. I used an ink called Lie de The by J Herbin, which splits to yellow. A spray diffuser.

I use a very fine spray which hairdressers use.

First stretch your paper- I use Arches Not in a fairly light quality.

      1. Draw the boats carefully in 4b pencil.

  1. Wash in the background using a creamy mix of Cobalt Turquoise light and white gouache. Dry it off.P1180148.JPG


  1. Add details in your brighter colours and make a wash of Quinacridone gold and any blue for the dirty inner paintwork of the boats. Ensure that you keep within the drawn lines. Dry.
  2. Develop the painting and dry between all coats of paint. Respray when you add detail and pen and ink. DRY!P1180198.JPG


  1. Spray and paint in Indigo reflections. Let it run by tipping the board, Remove excess with a rag once it hits the brown tape.P1180202.JPG






  1. The painting is thoroughly dried. Then redamped with spray. A layer of white gesso is added to the bottom left and bottom right. It is feathered out with a flat soft brush. Dry the painting again.P1180207.JPG


  1. More pen and ink is added. Finally the painting is dried and then scratched with a blade to produce the mooring ropes.



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