A little guillotine chops the film
A girl assembles the frames
Into a great pattern, a rose window
Beyond a cloister racked with old hats.
My piano is filled with music
It swallowed the endless toothache
Of love, my coat pockets belch
Scores, minims and crotchets
The sanguineous ink of you.
Soon the main event will commence
The screening of Some Moments  When You Were Happy
The orchestra tune up and everyone mutters
Such a concomitance of sound and image!
It is only a hollow warehouse in the rain
White without black is no story
The celluloid flaps endlessly.


Small Fairground


Small Fairground

Their voices peal a gamelan of tones
Perhaps there is a paddling pool
Wriggling toe-fish in rubbery water
A too cold breeze…

I only have these little sounds to play with
A rockpool of reminders
Where each sense hunts
And stings another.


Veronica Aldous

All rights reserved 2017


Photograph Veronica Aldous. – Cistus Rock Rose