The Bride Stripped Bare

Headlights show up the green with a man shaped hole in it
He could be a  blast hole, but he’s moving
All I know is he wants to be home and he is on his way
As I am on my way.

There is a half moon and a half man, one bright, one black
Or maybe he is both. In the planetary chest there lies a seal
An intaglio of  what it is to be seen and unseen
A deep hardstone carnelian.

Dip it deep in wax and stamp it into the outer world!
The sudden flicker of  dark eyed recognition
Sets the soul-blood leaping
Inevitably leading to finality

And all the exquisite painful inside-out loving
Which disrobes the secret world.

Ⓒ Veronica Aldous Poem and artwork. All rights reserved 2015