Material Possessions


The stooped man, the humpbacked man
Carrying his wife’s old handbag
Black handbag, grey mac

Wind blowing hard
World in bag, books in a box
Yellowing, curling snailtrail pages

Dirty little koala stuck in a tree
A fuzzy bitchy toy
Svelte fella trips up steps
Chucks baby’s wheelalong
Young woman in pumps
Humps a freezer over a cliff
Old man again, slips between the skips
So old so bent so 45 degree angling

Death to all things
Death to dusty crusty stuff
The howling wind smashes
A clanging sign

The wedding day, the weeding day
The lasting broken peeling end
Recycling a bicycle bicycling
It’s twirling pedals
To an abbatoir bye-bye

A dried cat, a matted  peed on mat
A cupboard full of springs, a painting
A mattress full of DNA
The broken man, the bent

I ache for his wife’s handbag
Peppermints, dried up lipstick,purse
Perhaps his wife-

Gone forever, slung.


Veronica Aldous 2019

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