A Part Time Witch’s Lament

girl and tree drawing.jpg


A Part Time Witch’s Lament

Dog is growling over the bone moon
The bone is gnarled and its ligaments are twisted
Moon is a door in the bone, a fissure

Hodmedod is a snail which lingers near the seastalks
I can smell the old wind of stinks and salty-rots
Brown birds with long legs horizontal on the stalks

On the edges of marram, sanderlings skitter
The sun sauces down into the warm slurry of the sea
Last night the old house stopped up my lungs

I rise choking and go in the chemical privy
Inhabited by natterjack toads and Parvis the spider
Moulds welter in its walls, asthma spores flurry

I know the future as I squatted there
I ken that you are a wretch
As I retch on black dots, the toad eyes aglitter

Unfriendly and deliciously chewable
As floppity leather driving gloves
Which we use for family curses.

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018

Drawing by Veronica ‘Hungry Girl looking for bread and honey accosted by a tree spirit’.

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