When will it End?


Pio and Almedo in the rotting courtyard
With the game of draughts between them
The huge banana palms in greenlit haze
From cigars Hypatia brought them

Sipping rum and trading whore-stories
She better not hear, the big bottom
Of all bottoms, as the sun falls
Behind her bottom
And night cicadas squizzle in the pots
Of dirty lilies and here come hot sausages
From the sausage and hot fat bars
As red and blue lights hit the little pool
In which Pio keeps his rum cold
Among Hypatia’s koi made of pvc
Best not disobey such wives
Almedo says…

This and all the other dreams
Of being 91,92,93
Still nipping women’s necks
But ridiculously crocodile-arsehole wrinkled
Plucking small guitars and singing
My love, my preciosa lily-
However did we ever get  so old?


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2018


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