Very Important Notes



Very Important Notes

Summer brittled her, cracking her ribs
As balsam disgorged its black seeds
Into the western tributary
She lay on her back beneath bracken
Serpentine in its ways and habits

‘The sun is also a star, the moon a mere mimic
I wish now, I had pressed my hand into the pargeting
Before the vandals came and smashed the heads
Off cherubs and nymphs; there are spirals
In my brain which make me unique but useless –

But anyway, it is some kind of comfort.’


Veronica Aldous  all rights reserved 2017


Banned words

Banned words

They shoved the words deep in holes
dug pits and tipped them in
covering their cries
with leaves and stones
then walked away, whistling.

Sun came, rain engorging the fat earth
sickening to explain itself

The forests grew high
choking the village
women and men with ivy crowns
came walking stiff and high
scalding the air with their utterances.


Veronica Aldous  2017 all rights reserved