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Alma’s Tricky Biscuits.

Alma’s Tricky Biscuits Lie down in your backyard; let Alma comfort you With sore swigs of apple-nettle juice The bandy-legged crows pluck at the rusting Thing which was once  a refrigerator I can smell rat-Saturday blowing up the high street … Continue reading

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  I misheard a word they used It clung to me like stale smoke ‘Weary of  the sky and of love’ They bragged and boozed In the small clean town Below Zugspitze Their black broth was the finest High days their … Continue reading

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Artwork copyright Veronica Aldous Woman with strange Implement- Handprint on linen with stitch collage Politickle Hester trapped by the prevalent hegemony Stitched an apron to her thighs, turned Lamia The things that we do to escape the flies! Ran a … Continue reading

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