Existential White Rabbit


Earthworks painting by Veronica

Existential White Rabbit

Everyone wishes the moon would talk to them
Secretly, they believe they know her better
Than all her many lovers
that when
Thom sings our favourite lullaby
The book falling from his hands
Into our laps, it is our book.

eat me
drink me, go on
it’s black as night again
moon clock, I digress;
O Inchoate Bloody Universe
Where we search for magic
That isn’t there.

In Dome Way, I see the attic
Where the telescope resides
The satin box, his things, his mysteries…
I’d sit in the dark again shivering
Just to hear the peeps of that crazy owl
The one you called Ethelbert-

How I miss the crease above your thumb!


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017

Painting   by Veronica Aldous


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