Ouch!A Moral Story


 Ouch! A Moral Story-

I was born just the sort of person that fits in. Two legs, eyes and a nose. I had other attributes and my sexuality was unquestionably mainstream. I was the right colour as well, what luck!
If the mainstream was subject to change, I changed too.
It was such fun going on marches two by two, being great at Mathematics and sport. Everyone knows that one tests intelligence and the other superior physicality. I was really fine specimen of total normality.
Also I was very good at saying things which could be interpreted by the many in varied ways, each pleasing, so that they would leave nodding and smiling.
Needless to say, I flourished and thrived immediately, being able to buy my own home and many other properties of different styles so that I could always be in the right place at the right time.
My profession was irreducible to one skill, it was multi-faceted and my CV read like a confiture of smooth skilfulness.
I was always equally humble and arrogant so that I managed to strike a lucky balance.
Naturally when they came for me I was most surprised; I had followed all the news channels and society so faithfully!
Apparently, the authorities had grown suspicious of my utter willingness to concede their leadership whichever clan was elected or otherwise ascendant, I seemed to fit in so well as to be almost chameleon like, it was said by my inquisitors.
Apparently they intended to raze the mediocre in society and create a schismatic vision of very rich religious, evil and clever vs. poor, secular and and vicious.
I fell into neither group having largely been in civil service and gardening.
However I was able to convince them of my usefulness in terms of my ability to agree with most statements whether erroneous or correct.
I am now advising the government, (whomsoever that should be) on their clothes sense and the new scheme in which land may be fracked and those that live above to fall into sink holes thus avoiding their disapproval entirely.
I am just glad to be of service.
So bite me.

Marshall Toothsome-Damp CEO


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017


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