Female 1


Female 1

She kept a
full of chomping inmates eating away her neuroses

Sloughing a carapace is not easy
it shucks the soul’s skin away

in pockets and compartments
there are thousands of shivering husks

less lovely than their floating sisters.



Veronica Aldous 2017 all rights reserved


Earth – a poem for World Earth Day



In its cloaked or muddy-striped clarity

Occluded or shining through the lacework

It is the warmth and the alien chilliness

Of astounding starflowers, juicy fat red poppies

With black eyes and blue pollen,

It is a birth painted with words

Or loss clad in sorrow’s leaves.

It is how to heal

How to speak and how to be still

Allowing the core to be plunged into clear water

Beating and turning like a fire-clock


In darkness, a man is speaking


A woman stepping into the light.


Veronica Aldous All rights reserved 2017



Your hair that I hid in
A membrane of silence
Vibrating the fuzz
On a moth
O kingsman
Can I speak to you?
By all that is thin, shaded, worn
Ancient and frayed
I will search the gold air
Unwinding the thread
Until I say the wrong thing
Why do you not stop?
At the next corner
He hesitates and disappears.

Veronica Aldous 2017 all rights reserved
Photograph ‘Orb’ by Veronica Aldous



I think of the world,
The sudden violence and the angry mobs
The despots and the samurai, the warlords and armies
Edifices of skulls, fortresses of twisted metal
The shadows of children left  smeared on walls and ramparts
I thought of all this
As if it were the story of somewhere else
Not here where I fashion a necklace of shells
Taking each lustred  vortex
Threading them close so they may speak
Through the thin paper of time
As a lover speaks to his other
In low  tender ministrations
Tempering all that is  unimaginable.


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017

Ouch!A Moral Story


 Ouch! A Moral Story-

I was born just the sort of person that fits in. Two legs, eyes and a nose. I had other attributes and my sexuality was unquestionably mainstream. I was the right colour as well, what luck!
If the mainstream was subject to change, I changed too.
It was such fun going on marches two by two, being great at Mathematics and sport. Everyone knows that one tests intelligence and the other superior physicality. I was really fine specimen of total normality.
Also I was very good at saying things which could be interpreted by the many in varied ways, each pleasing, so that they would leave nodding and smiling.
Needless to say, I flourished and thrived immediately, being able to buy my own home and many other properties of different styles so that I could always be in the right place at the right time.
My profession was irreducible to one skill, it was multi-faceted and my CV read like a confiture of smooth skilfulness.
I was always equally humble and arrogant so that I managed to strike a lucky balance.
Naturally when they came for me I was most surprised; I had followed all the news channels and society so faithfully!
Apparently, the authorities had grown suspicious of my utter willingness to concede their leadership whichever clan was elected or otherwise ascendant, I seemed to fit in so well as to be almost chameleon like, it was said by my inquisitors.
Apparently they intended to raze the mediocre in society and create a schismatic vision of very rich religious, evil and clever vs. poor, secular and and vicious.
I fell into neither group having largely been in civil service and gardening.
However I was able to convince them of my usefulness in terms of my ability to agree with most statements whether erroneous or correct.
I am now advising the government, (whomsoever that should be) on their clothes sense and the new scheme in which land may be fracked and those that live above to fall into sink holes thus avoiding their disapproval entirely.
I am just glad to be of service.
So bite me.

Marshall Toothsome-Damp CEO


Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017




Snip snip snip went the little scissors cutting into the silk cloth. Perhaps the magic was deeper in the delicate places than the strong tight wove parts.
The half hearted people were not as brave as the fairy stories,; the killers not as powerful as the spiders in their gorgeous webs.
There is a place which is retreat. where they built the houses. The ghost paths ramble and twist and the holy and unholy co-exist.
Gaia is also a snake lady.Her hands and skirts full of surprises.
Blue and yellow do not always make green; it depends on which blue and yellow you choose.


Veronica Aldous 2017 All rights reserved

Artwork by Veronica Aldous also copyright- watercolour on silk with stitch

£90- please contact me



As steps of shadows ache, let all things fall
there is a pattern
but none within can make sense of it at all
so push or drift as silk or stone
will slide or crash within the chamber
exposing pain that lives deep in cuts
a bloodied sigma mirrored back
in the self replicating corridor.


Veronica Aldous  all rights reserved 2017