Art Class


Art Class

She tends her bandages and reminds
Her when it is break time
The coffee will have one shot and much milk
Gretel always asks her is this my coffee?
Every few minutes.

Umi  is shredding tiny pieces
Sugiharagami  flakes  in a small tin, soft scales
Which she lifts onto a clear shining film
Piecing a picture of  blossoms before Fuji
The fibres are so fine she holds her breath.

She says it is gampi
That is the tree, very rare
When she looks at me
Islands float in iridescent layers
Absolute and abstract
As though she never left.

Veronica Aldous 2016 All Rights Reserved


Autumn Rites


Autumn Rites

Autumn Moon shine on you
Bless and light your way
Autumn sun to warm your bones
A leaf strewn hearth where children play
Bright Blessings

all rights reserved Veronica Aldous

The Last Place



The Last Place

Had a gated door, a  flight of steps bounded by the forest
Where thin lipped creatures crept along paths
Undiscernible to the naked eye, ghosts walking
Down alleyways rank with moss and drooping tongues
Of ferns, lush sentinels of bunched grasses
Of many summer’s growth, cats’eyes glittering
Behind a  rooted stump so lavish with racks of fungus
A larder of sweet energies,  the spores bursting day on day…
All the while you longed to write, until night fell

When at last you could take out your pen
Weaving the  wiry words from hard won silence
Incantatory dreams released like oaths

A druid’s offering, your scintillating spell.


Veronica Aldous 2016 All Rights Reserved





Entering another garden
The air is different here, suffused
With other scents, hot wrinkled fruit
Wistful as old baboushkas
A clogged pond full of bottlebrush weed
The trees hang over like guests
Waiting for the dessert…

I am not part of this wooden tabled existence
Wine and cigarettes
The children which have children
The words which drift through the hedge

I am stuck with inky fingers
And a heart that keeps ticking
Later,  I will eat the memory
With cream and a spoon.

Veronica Aldous 2016 all rights reserved




About this time, I get fearful that you will not arise
Go and light the lamp by the kettle
Turn off the computer and rub your eyes

The trees might be creaking a little
Cold rain spattering the window
Or maybe the stars are performing
Hot little dances in the nude blue arena

About this time we may lie down together
Pull off some clothes and I lay my head
On your chest for a while, listening
To its abstract beats.
Impatience and hunger
Getting the better of us before long

Kindness would flow into our hands
Scorching the air till it thawed
In that shivering room.

I am fearful that I won’t know you now
The map of moles, hairs, the beautiful fault lines
Of misunderstanding and misalignment


I am fearful each day when the clock chimes
That we won’t be making some love soon,
and we won’t…

This is it.

Veronica Aldous 2016 all rights reserved




She fought hard to grip that rock
The sea lurching and grinding like a pack of dogs
It didn’t understand being so rooted to the ocean floor
Its essence was of the drowned
And their defeated eyes were its focus.

No, the rock didn’t know what I was doing there
In this ridiculous costume which was impractical
And dangerous as  a drunken midnight
Like Sinead in a short skirt  on Pig Lane!
This was a good way to break all my teeth
Just kissing awake the living part of stone
Loving it till my ribs cracked asunder

And his ribs too.

That mermaid has a preposterous way of saving sailors
She ties them to her tail and tows them in
One got away

He was…. that big.


Veronica Aldous 2016 all rights resrved

Painting and mixed media collage by Veronica Aldous  Calypso





You said you were giving up, giving in
It is your way to fight, you told me
Like a small mouse caught up a drainpipe
Eyeballs a cat, you’ll be ok.

But I’m lost- a whole country
Where poverty is shifted about
Like an unwanted shitty-nappied baby
With its fist stuffed in its mouth
Screaming for a breast.

My heart sinks
Sliding slowly into the Thames.

Veronica Aldous 2016 All Rights reserved