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Thank you all 101 of you! I am very chuffed to have you enjoying my work and I send you all my best and kindest regards. I am honoured. XX Veronica Advertisements

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Frozen April

Frozen April Etiolated sappy leaves flop beneath a hard frost The temperament of the blue woods is like a woman Without a man she loves; gone overseas without a letter In the fields the confused birds take straws to build … Continue reading

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Bitters Among the falling stones the sundews spike and lick the air Vortices of engorged leaves and soft-sucking things Fan shaped, rounded with fat pimpled pips, blue and glaucous Fuzzy haired above the stream, popping like exploding lanterns Balsam, wild mints and above it … Continue reading

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Necromancer -Oil painting on Etsy by Veronica Aldous

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Singularity It doesn’t know how it arrived, whether from chemicals Charged by sunlight, choked words spouting from its inchoate mouth A croak was the first example of  its voice, the spume of salt Perhaps the simple crushing of jaws or breathy exhalation Was … Continue reading

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But am I going somewhere?

BUT AM I GOING SOMEWHERE?   But am I going somewhere? I open up a page for thought. Persistently, I urge the future Through each breath. I hear myself echo the words I have already written the… Source: But am … Continue reading

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  Heartrobe Grown from spider’s wings and legs of ancient Manxmen The wizened apple doll within its earthy silence The masked knobbyknockers and freuds Of linked and spiny museum curiosities Enthrall the visitors that peer behind the plushy curtains Inspecting … Continue reading

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