Mortal said we would sit high on a hill under a silk tent
We got the children ready in their white and coloured clothes
Had a basket of  strange gold and purple fruit
Things that stain the earth and make it rich as plum pudding.

Spotted and dotted creatures stalked in amber haze
The sun was as far off as an African star, the earth thickened
Creating a bed in which we could heal.

For this was England and really it was raining

It was Christmas Day.

We have  hidden places where you speak to me
Where flame trees  and violet jacarandas can bloom –
This much is true.

Veronica Aldous 2015 All Rights Reserved.


About Veronica Aldous

Writer and artist, Veronica is a lecturer is Fine Art and Creative Writing. Her first book of poems, 'Moon Cinema' is now available on Lulu.com. Now there is also 'Mortal' her second book.
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