Give me a Piece of your Fat Cherry Pie

Give me a Piece of your Fat Cherry Pie

Words like custard tarts, words like trifles
Words I can use like pasty marzipan glitter
Hot dolly gingermen, marshmallow phoenix
Pecking at chocolate grain, explosion of hot caramel
Jellybell, jelly whispers, jelly pain
Walloping custard on confit of duck
Creme de la creme de la endless digestion
Minty and crispy and sullen –

Outside the restaurant
Fatten the glutton
A raggedy badgirl  sniffs and malingers.


Veronica Aldous 2015 All Rights Reserved


The Old Year


The Old Year
( for the nameless good)

Silken time falls from fingers to tired to hold them now
So many knots untied and unravelled before nightfall
People climb slow stairs, My arms lift great weights as if only
Simple silk gauzes.
I am transformed by love
By making a difference
I am held aloft like a dancer on a partner’s arms
You may know me but I go deeper
Into tidal pools and great distances of gold light –

I escaped long ago
My eyes see without cruelty.



Mortal said we would sit high on a hill under a silk tent
We got the children ready in their white and coloured clothes
Had a basket of  strange gold and purple fruit
Things that stain the earth and make it rich as plum pudding.

Spotted and dotted creatures stalked in amber haze
The sun was as far off as an African star, the earth thickened
Creating a bed in which we could heal.

For this was England and really it was raining

It was Christmas Day.

We have  hidden places where you speak to me
Where flame trees  and violet jacarandas can bloom –
This much is true.

Veronica Aldous 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Dark Flower

Dark Flower

Mortal was born in a chink, a cleft
He is a thought-baby, a serpent-child
Working up from the mazy depths

He traversed a boundary, becoming
A violet stain upon paper, on silk
Sometimes he is a transgression
A problem to be solved, a sorrow

Such little snakes are troublesome
When they nip at now, making it then…
Perfect colour in a dirty basement
Bright markings

Like love:
Decals from another world.

Veronica Aldous 2015 All Rights Reserved